MEDIABOSS Production Process: 7 Steps

Pre-production covers everything we do up to the moment we shoot. It’s planning, asset collection and most importantly, determining your goals and setting expectations.

Can we get that helicopter shot you want? Absolutely! But we need time to make it happen.

Communication is the backbone of our process. Let’s work together to get the most out of our relationship.

Step 1: The Brief

Let’s talk! You tell us what you’d like to create. Is it web video? An animation? A graphic? A feature film or television pilot?

Our experienced professionals are ready to make your dreams come true. The only caveat is, you need share those dreams with us.

In this first meeting you dump all your ideas onto us and we work as a team to sculpt them into an engaging and entertaining project. Here are some things that we are looking for you to bring to us:

  • Concepts & Ideas for your video
  • Budget
  • Timeline/Deadline

We will be honest with you about what we can achieve with the timeline and budget that you have. Then, we can move on to . . .

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Step 2: The Quote

This is where your ideas and your budget come together. We can help identify places you can cut costs, point out items that may cost extra and make sure you’re comfortable with what you are getting for what you are spending.

Once this is ironed out, we will send you an Official Quote, outlining the scope of work, timeline and budget.

Because of the front loaded nature of production, a 50% down payment is required for all projects. This comes with a guarantee that your project will be completed on time (assuming that your feedback cycles stay within the timeline).

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve officially decided to work with MediaBoss! Next up is . . .

Looking for more information? Check out these recent posts detailing our process for the different types of projects we produce.

Step 3: The Creative

Now, this is where the fun begins.

We translate your ideas into a storyboard – the best and quickest way to show you what your project will look like. We incorporate your goals and your branding and come up with a creative way to get your message across in an engaging, unique way.

If script support is part of the scope of work, this is when we’ll work with you on it.

We will also begin creating custom graphics or logo designs based on your guidelines.

Once everything here is approved, we can finally step out of Pre-Production, into . . .



Step 4: Approval

All the work done during the pre-production phase is about to pay off. Thanks to all that prep, we are completely prepared for the Production phase!

If it’s an animation, all the characters have been approved. If it’s a live shoot, the script’s been finalized, talent has been hired and prepped and the set has been built.

Step 5: The Capture

It’s shoot day! We always invite our clients to join us on set. This is the fun part! You get to see your idea come to life!

Once we’re on set, it’s the job of our Director to keep us on track. There aren’t enough pages on the internet to explain everything that is goes on inside the head of the Director, so it’s best to address the Producer on set if you have any concerns.

For animations – we keep our animators in a dark cave and don’t let them out until they are finished. You’re welcome to visit them, but be warned, they’re probably very hungry . . .

Post Production

Here is where we ingest everything we collected, created and shot during the previous two phases.

This is where all of your hard work will pay-off!

The next thing you’ll see from us is:

Step 6: Rough Cut

Here is what you don’t see: Importing, stacking, syncing, wide cuts, searching for and/or creating music and sound effects, rendering (oh man, rendering). You get the idea.

What you will see, is a Rough Cut. This is the first draft of the video. If there isn’t script, you may have seen Timecode burns from us before this step. Timecode burns help us tell your story from your perspective. (Not sure what we mean by ‘Timecode’? Check out this resource).

This version of the video will not be final. But it will be close enough that you can tell us what you like and what you don’t like. Our goal is always to deliver a product that you are happy with and excited to share!

Once you receive this version, you’ll collect feedback from your team. Final delivery will depend on how quickly this gets completed.

We find it’s best to communicate your feedback in an email to us. We’re certainly happy to discuss the feedback in person or over the phone, but we prefer to get an email as well.

An email leaves little room for miscommunication. And we can copy/paste it into Evernote and share it with the editor as a check list.

Step 7: Final Delivery & Final Payment

We incorporate the feedback edits into the video or graphic.

Then: Congratulations! You now have been delivered the final version of your video.

The audio is mixed, the graphics are animated and the video has a beautiful, tight “look” to it.

Not only that, but the video is delivered to the exact specs you need. We are experts at making sure you get the right type of video for the right destination. We’ve sent projects to broadcast TV, large conventions and, of course, the web.

We know all the right settings to make sure it looks awesome no matter where you show it.

Once this version has been delivered and accepted, we send you a final invoice.

We’re cool people and we know you have a timeline, so we won’t withhold your project from you. In return, we ask that you settle up promptly with us. All our invoices and “due on receipt” and we will never submit them until the project is complete.

Now you know what to expect from our creative process! If you have any questions or you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact us! Remember, it costs nothing to talk!