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This is a pilot MEDIABOSS co-wrote and produced with Let the Boy Watch productions. This pilot went all the way to Lionsgate and was the second runner to get picked up for the 2014 season. It won Best Produced at LA Web Fest in 2013. It won a Silver (Top Honor) People’s Choice Telly in 2015. 
Let the Boy Watch is our Creative Director, Ian Barrett’s production company with his Creative Partner, Matty Blake
Matty Blake is an accomplished comedian, writer, producer, and actor. Matty also starred in this pilot as Sully.
He’s since had Feature Film appearances in “Rough Night”; and “Hits”. He’s also appeared in series, Amazon’s “Alpha House” and has starred in many comedic commercials. He is currently the host of History Channel’s “Drilling Down”. 
The starring female, Katie, is Betsy Beutler. This pilot launched Betsy into regular roles on series “You’re the Worst”; “Hawaii Five-0”; “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”; and “The Most Popular Girls in School” and perhaps most memorably her two-episode starring role on FX’s “Legit” with Jeff Jefferies. 
Comedian, Jimmy Dunn, plays “Duffy”. Right after “Partners”, Dunn was picked up to star in Network comedy “The McCarthy’s.”
“Marty” is played by Dan Schachner. He’s internationally known as the Ref of Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet’s wildly popular Super Bowl Half-Time Show, and has gone on to act in series “Unforgettable” and “The Mysteries of Laura.”
RJ Kelly plays Sgt. Kelly. RJ Kelly was a regular in Hulu original “Political Animals” with Sigourney Weaver and is an accomplished commercial actor. 
Christine plays Duffy’s daughter and Katie’s love interest. Following this pilot, Christine went on to a regular role on “Chicago Med”. She then landed the row of Young Lolly in “Orange is the New Black.” She currently plays Lily Stein in “Legends of Tomorrow.”


About Badass Women

Badass Women is our CEO, Erin Hayes’, passion project.  Badass Women spotlights a different woman’s journey to their definition of success in each episode.

The industries in which these women make their careers span the gamut of possibility. The nexus of their drive and the mentors they found for themselves along the way are discussed through a conversation about why they do what they do and how they’ve come to do what they do.

This pilot episode won a Silver (highest honor) Telly Award for Documentary in 2017.

It features columnist-turned-business woman, Laura Raposa. Raposa built the most successful newspaper column in Boston with her partner. After 25 years at the newspaper, she left to pursue her true passion: Cooking.  Not only did she throw herself into the thick of it, taking on internships and classes/ at the end of 18 months, she opened up her own bakery with her husband.


PATSHOW is the ultimate New England Patriots Fan Show. We produce the weekly show, hosted by YouTube personality/actor/radio host, Nick “Fitzy GFY” Stevens, and Patspropaganda.com blogger and inventor of the Belichick Hoodie database, Mike Dussault.
The show airs weekly on Facebook Live and generates over 100K views a month and an average of 450 engagements.

Playing Rock Star

About Playing Rock Star

Playing Rock Star is a pilot we produced for New York musician/DJ Joel Frost. 

Playing Rock Star follows him as he – you guessed it – Plays a Rock Star. Frost is a drummer with moderate success as a professional drummer, but he yearns to know what it takes, and what it feels like, to hit it big. This pilot episode follows Frost as he joins the American Rock n’ Roll band Electric Six.

Broad Strokes

ABOUT Broad Strokes:

Broad Strokes is a pilot we produced with Let the Boy Watch. Let the Boy Watch is our Creative Director, Ian Barrett’s production company with his Creative Partner, actor/writer, Matty Blake.

Broad Strokes is a comedy that tells the tale of Matty (played by Matty). Matty and his buddies started painting in high school to make extra money. They’re now in their 30s and are still painting. 

This pilot went to Lionsgate and Comedy Central.

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