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MediaBossTV To Live-Stream The 4th Annual Adam Ezra Ramble To Benefit Homeless Veterans

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21-August-2013 –The Ramble was started in 2010. Adam Ezra wanted to throw a concert where people could come and have a great time with their friends, but also do a little good for the world at the same time. He wanted buses to bring loads of people from all over New England, to and from the show. Charlene Bemis, a non-profit event planner and long time friend of Adam jumped at the idea and thus the first Ramble was officially born.

In Year One, the Ramble had just over 500 people in attendance and we raised $4,000 for Partners In Health. In Year Two, the country was in the midst of the recession and so many people and families were struggling to get by. Over 400 people were in attendance, and the Ramble raised enough money to donate 35,000 meals to local food banks in the Feeding America network.

Last year, the kind folks of the Highlands Coalition in Lynn, MA were just $4,000 short of their fundraising goal to rebuild Henry Avenue Park, an urban, family-based neighborhood playground and basketball court. The Ramble Year 3 had over 1,000 people in attendance and raised enough money to help purchase the new playground equipment, as well as landscaping!

Saturday August 24, 2013 marks the fourth annual Adam Ezra Group Ramble and we are proud to be donating funds to Veterans Matter ( Veterans Matter will work with the New England Center for Homeless Veterans to disperse the money to landlord’s of the veterans who have qualified for the HUD-VASH vouchers. (more info For every $1,000 we raise we can get one homeless veteran into a home!

The Ramble has also invited twelve other of our favorite non-profits to come and set up tables with information about all the amazing work they’re doing and how Ramble attendees can support them. You can find a list of those NPOs

MediaBossTV (, based in Framingham, has a successful history of live online broadcasting of music and sporting events. MediaBoss has live-streamed the 2013 Rock and Roll Rumble, Boston Band Crush 
“One Night Band” and the full 2013 home seasons of Boston Breakers professional women’s soccer and Boston Militia women’s football.

The goal of the broadcast will be to increase exposure and viewership of the Ramble as a charitable event and provide a direct impact on potential donations to the incredible cause designated this year. The event will be broadcast at: and offer dynamic multi-camera views of the main stage, hosted interviews with organizers and participants and, of course, provide information on where to donate to the cause.

Donations can be made online at or via check made out to RallySound, Inc., and mailed to:

Hillary Kohler
75 Lakeshore Drive
Westwood, MA 02090

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