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RIP Mayor Tom Menino

Today, our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mayor Tom Menino. But as I write ‘friends’, it’s apparent that much of Boston’s population – proper and its suburbs – considered Mayor Menino to be a friend.

We are lucky enough to count ourselves in that group. I personally met and spoke with Mayor Menino on numerous occasions while working for the Boston Herald’s Inside Track column. And, while producing “Track Gals” – the show we created with Inside Track columnists Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa – the MediaBoss team had the opportunity to rub elbows with Boston’s beloved Mayor on several occasions.

He was as gracious as he was gregarious and it was always a pleasure to speak with him. He was always sincere and when you were speaking with him, you had knew you had his undivided attention. This is a rare trait among today’s politicians.

Yesterday, as the news of his passing hit the wires, Gayle Fee reached out to us to see if we still had footage of a 2010 interview with him at the Flower Show. She wanted to listen to it for the Inside Track column she and Laura Raposa wrote today in his honor.

We were moved to tears when we re-watched the clip. In the interview, Mayor Menino told Gayle and Laura that if he could be a flower he’d be a daffodil. He’d get up early, start the spring off and fade into the sunset.

RIP Mayor Tom Menino. It’s been an honor.

To read today’s Inside Track column, click here.

Boston Militia honored at New England Patriots Game

Boston Militia MediaBoss

Boston Militia players pose with a fan outside Gillette Stadium where they were recognized as honorary captains of the New England Patriots.

The 2014 WFA Champions, the Boston Militia, were honored at the New England Patriots Game Friday. They were recognized as honorary captains of the Patriots, and trust us. They deserve it.

We’ve had the honor of broadcasting the Militia’s games for the past three years and every year the players astound us with their talent, their strength and their professionalism. We are so proud of them for taking the WFA Championship this year!

If you missed their season, or if you just miss watching them play, check out the highlight reel we put together to play on the jumbotron at Gillette Stadium. It’s the best of the best of their 2014 plays.

MediaBoss Media Monday : Sarah Clayes House Clean Up

In 1692, Sarah Cloyes fled from Salem to Framingham, changing her name to ‘Clayes’ in the process. She fled Salem because she was accused of being a witch, along with Rebecca Nurse and Mary Easty.

She settled on Thomas Danforth’s land and built a home on what is now Salem End rd.

The house is in terrible disrepair and a group of local citizens – lead by Janice Thompson – have made seeing the property survive and thrive their passion project. We’re proud to be a part of that group.

A few Saturdays ago we joined 30 other volunteers to help clear the overgrowth that threatened to wreak havoc on the structure if left for another winter. It was a fantastic day of chain saws, rakes, clippers and community. And our goal of cutting away the brush was met!  We brought our cameras to document the work and created a little clip showing the hard work that went into the day. Please excuse my on-camera introduction. It’s been quite a while since I was on camera!

Check out some of our photos from before the clean-up day for some perspective! And visit for more information about the project and to find out how you can help.

Oh, and did you hear – Jenji Kohan, the creator of Weeds and Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, plans to team up with HBO to develop a “provocative period drama” about the Salem witch trials? 

Sarah Clayes Front Sarah Clayes Second Building IMG_5021 edit IMG_4974 edit IMG_4973 edit IMG_4959 edit IMG_4755 edit IMG_4771 edit IMG_4775 edit IMG_4773 edit IMG_4776 edit IMG_4889 edit IMG_4752 edit IMG_4742 edit

NE Studios To Give Tours In Return for Donated Toys & Canned Goods

Have you been dying to get a first-hand look at our client, NE Studios‘ gorgeous new film & television facility in Devens, MA?

The studio execs are offering an opportunity to get a tour of their state-of-the-art production stages by giving back to the community this Holiday Season.

Simply attend their toy and canned food drive on Dec. 21 from 10a.m.-4p.m. and bring a toy (of at least an $8 value) and/or canned foods and they’ll show you around the studios! Now that’s what we call a Win/Win!

For more information, address, directions etc., visit their Toy and Canned Food Drive webpage .

And if you attend, come say hi! We’ll be there with our cameras.


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Frank Turner : MediaBoss Music Monday

Northampton, MA – Sunday Nov, 24 2013

If going to see Frank Turner live at the Calvin Theater wasn’t exciting enough,  on this particular night I had the opportunity to talk with the man who has been blowing up my iPod for the past 2 years.

Turner, an ex-hardcore singer (Million Dead) turned punk/folk artist invited me to have a candid conversation with him about what was going on in his world.

Frank Turner talked to me about everything from filming music videos in the rain, to the slipped disks in his back that is preventing him from playing guitar on the final leg of his tour.  And of course, he gave us his top five songs that help get him through the week!

We’ll share our interview with him soon, but in the meantime, enjoy Frank Turner’s thoughtful musical journey for the week!


‘It’s All Fun (Til Someone Gets Hurt)’ Music Video Release

This spring our Creative Boss, Ian Barrett, took a trip to Las Vegas to capture footage our friend and client, Johnny A. who had been asked to instruct at the world famous Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp. At the camp Ian met Will Kenyon who had been selected to be a keyboardist in Johnny A’s Fantasy Camp band.

The conversation started with the realization they had a mutual friend in common, famed rock star photographer Robert Knight. As the conversation progressed, the subject turned to music video – in particular, the Godsmack videos Ian had directed. At this point Kenyon told Ian he had an amazing new artist he wanted Ian to work with. His daughter, Jaclyn.

Jaclyn Kenyon is a 16-year-old singer/songwriter ( at 12, she was the youngest to perform at Toronto, Ontario’s Honey Jam – the same showcase that launched Nelly Furtado’s career ) and was named by Toronto Star music critic Ben Rayner as one of twelve “people to watch” in the Toronto area in 2012.

Fast forward three months to June of 2013 and the Kenyon family drove down from Ontario to shoot her debut music video with Ian at MediaBoss. The had a very limited timeframe to capture a visual representation of Jaclyn – a single day, and after hair and make-up it came down to hours.

Challenged but undaunted , Ian and the MediaBoss crew were able to quickly move through a group of different interior studio scenes and a variety of exterior shots, to capture the all footage needed for “It’s All Fun (’till Someone Gets Hurt)”.

“For me, it’s always exciting to work with a new artist. Jaclyn is extremely talented and I know she will go far in this industry,” says Barrett. “I can say with a great degree of confidence that she will be a face to watch in the international music scene in the coming years.”

The video released this morning. We’d love if you could take the time to watch it and let us know what you think!


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Our Summer Sports Recap

The Boston Militia Women’s Football team remained undefeated during their regular season, loosing to the Chicago Force during playoffs. The season was filled with many exciting moments – like their 70-0 win against the New York Sharks on April 13, 2013 and RB Whitney Zelee’s establishment of a rush record for the Boston Militia and the Women’s Football Alliance. She set the new standard by rushing for 2,016 yards in only 7 games, 123 carries for an average of 16.4 yards per carry, and 34 touchdowns in 7 games. The Militia has proved this season that hard work and great teamwork really pays off!

In professional women’s soccer, this has been an unforgettable season for the Boston Breakers and their fans. Although they did not qualify for the National Women’s Soccer League playoffs, they ended their season by beating first-place team FC Kansas City 1-0. This was the first time this season the Breakers scored against them. The Breakers ended the season with an improved record of 8-7-6.

Boston Breakers BroadcastWhile the Boston Breakers players worked very well together, there were many changes. The Breakers signed defender Jazmyne Avant, who proved to be a great asset to the team. The Breakers also replaced head coach Lisa Cole with four games left to play. She had been with the Breakers since 2009 as assistant coach for three years and then head coach starting in 2012. Defender Cat Whitehill was named player/interim coach for the remainder of the season.

We’ve had the privilege of live streaming the Boston Militia games for the past two years and we were fortunate enough to broadcast the Boston Breakers games this year. We upgraded much of our equipment and created custom 3D graphics to get the best shots and provide all of the game details to the fans watching at home. Our live-switching system allows for coverage with up to 8 HD cameras. We’ve also teamed up with broadcasters Scott Sudikoff, Madeline Sattler, and Alexandra Sims to get live commentary throughout the Breakers games as well as post-game sideline interviews with the players.

We had a blast live streaming these games this summer and are really proud of the broadcast we shared with these teams’ fans. We’re sad to see the season end, but are looking forward to an even better season of broadcasts next year!

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by Amanda Albert

Amanda is a MediaBoss Production Intern, providing support in and out of their television and video studio. She worked on many Breakers and Militia games, updating MediaBoss’ Twitter account with live commentary and assisted the crew in their broadcast. Amanda is heading off to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst this fall, where she hopes to study either Marketing or Communications.

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The Sound of Honda [Video]

In 1989 Ayrton Senna recorded the fastest lap ever at Suzuka International Racing Circuit. A generation later artists and engineers used technology to recreate that experience to haunting affect. In an odd way, the telemetry (data) has recreated a man who died nine years ago.

If you don’t appreciate racing, you’ll appreciate the art. If you are a F1 fan, this will move you. Why is this relevant? F1 is about to launch two Grand Prix in  the states next year and Ron Howard’s film “Rush” –  a biography of Formula 1 champion driver Niki Lauda and the 1976 crash – is slated for release next month. What these videos show seem to be the pinnacle of technology and sport.

[Interviews and Explanation video]



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Award-winning Web Series

la web fest winnerWe’re proud to announce that our Creative Director Ian Barrett, his Let the Boy Watch producing partner, Actor/Writer/Producer Matty Blake and our producer, Erin Hayes took “Most Outstanding Producing” in the dramedy category for Partners at LA Web Fest this weekend!

And that’s not all … lead actress Betsy Buetler (you may have recognized her from ‘Scrubs’) took “Most Outstanding Lead Actress” for her role in the series!

The dramedy, Partners also stars R.J. Kelly of “Political Animals” fame. Beutler playes of a rookie female detective working in an all male homicide unit. She’s keeping a secret, and that doesn’t stay secret for very long …

Suffice it to say, hilarity ensues.

If you’d like to check out the series, visit our ‘web series’ page! Let us know what you think!


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MediaBoss Music Monday: The Nola Edition

Our Graphics and Animation Intern, Nola, took a break from her Adobe Creative Suite and Toon Boom animations long enough to share her top tunes with us this summer. Here she is, sharing her Top 5 Songs to get you through the week. Check it out and we think you’ll understand why we’re devastated she had to go back to school!