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5 Things You Need to Know About Live Stream Production

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Hi, it’s Paul from MediaBoss TV. Live Stream Video is a great way to get your message to the world. And it’s something we love to do at MediaBoss.

Whether it’s a presentation for your national offices or a product demo across the world, a well produced live stream can be an excellent communication tool.

That’s why today, I’m going to share 5 things you need to know about Live Stream Production.

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The Tony Awards-

Tony Awards: What You Can’t See on TV


Did you know you can actually buy tickets to the Tony Awards? It’s true, I did it! My friend and I spent $334 each (including fees, no shame) to watch the 69th Annual Tony Awards from seats in the third from last row of Radio City Music Hall.

We all know the flow of an Awards Show. The witty hosts; the build up to an award; the acceptance speeches; the seated celebrity cutaways.

I wanted to share what happens when the cameras aren’t on during a live awards show.

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Justin Bieber Roast

A Roast of Roasters Roasting Roasters

It was a Roast for roasting Roasters, also Justin Bieber was there.

Is it just me or is the name that follows “The Roast of” just a celebrity endorsement to get millions of people to watch comedians make fun of each other? Now, this is not something I am opposed to, which is why I decided to highlight the best Roasters Roasting Roasters jokes of the night.

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All About That Bass

All About That Bass…And Justice For Jason

All About That Bass singer, Meghan Trainor, is currently on a country and worldwide tour, which has music fans with bass on the mind. It’s no coincidence that sound mixer for the 1988 Metallica album …And Justice For All, has just revealed a major secret about the bass presence, or lack thereof, on the album.

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11 Winners The Academy Didn’t Have Time to Announce : Oscars 2015

The Academy Award for…

Worst Part of the 87th Academy Awards
Neil Patrick Harris: He has won four Emmy Awards for his outstanding performances as a four-time host of the Tony Awards. Last night, we all learned that is not a gig he should stray from. Providing awkward, cliché, and predictable jokes, most of which appeared to upset Oprah, NPH proved that he should stick to song and dance that is written and choreographed for him, as his major success last night was the opening number. That bit with the briefcase was so hard to see. It was like watching a five year old trying to make a dove come out of his hat, but the dove died.

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MediaBoss Music Monday: The Adam Ezra Edition

Adam Ezra, of the Boston-based Adam Ezra Group, swung by our studio over the weekend to be a guest on our Rock n’ Roll Talk Show, Scorch TV.

While he was here, Adam sat down and shared his Top 5 Songs to help you get through the week.

Adam Ezra is a Music Drives Us Ambassador, a terrifically talented song writer and musician, and an all around great guy. If you’re interested in hearing his music or catching him live, check out the Adam Ezra Group’s website or ‘Like’ him on Facebook!

Backstage at the Wilbur: Sully Erna’s Avalon in 3D

We had the chance to work with Sully Erna (Godsmack) to produce the backplates for his Avalon tour this past spring. “Avalon” is Erna’s debut solo album and if you haven’t had the chance to check it out, you should. You’ll be pleasantly surprised whether you are a Godsmack fan or not.

After the tour ended in October he decided to produce a 3D concert of his band’s performance. He gave us a call and asked if we’d produce the Behind-the-Scenes documentary of the Making-Of this 3D epic. We said yes, of course.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from that Decemeber 16th evening at Boston’s Wilbur Theatre.

Please excuse the amateur photography. These photos were taken with my Canon S100, which performs poorly in low-light situations. Our DSLRs were busy shooting video for the Behind-the-Scenes footage.

Let us know what you think. For creative people, we’re pretty receptive to feedback!