38th Annual Telly Award Winner for B2B Communications: Telly Award Winner
Data – and what we do with data – is one of the hottest topics of this decade. According to IBM, we create quintillion bytes of data a day.

INFINIDAT, an enterprise storage solution, approached us about producing a web series that would open that discussion up across verticals. Their concept for what would become Data Unknown involved bringing the human into the data discussion.

Here’s a look at two of our favorite episodes: India’s Mobile Generation and Can We Live Without Data.

The Taste of Framingham

38th Annual Telly Award Winner for B2C Communications: Telly Award WinnerThe Town of Framingham hired us to produce a series of video to highlight the diverse – and delectable – restaurant options in their Downtown Framingham area. This series was produced to support their efforts to promote Downtown Framingham as a destination. We created a cinematic experience that highlights both the food and the business owners behind the business. Here are two of our favorites from this series: Pho Dakao and Pueblita Paisa.

Boston Marathon 6 Mile Moment

January 2014, we sat down with the Town of Framingham and the Framingham Downtown Renaissance to discuss the upcoming Boston Marathon.

The Marathon cuts through the town’s downtown. Residents have always gathered along route 135 to cheer on the runners. But the Town and FDR wanted to bring a sense of community to the event . Nearly a year had passed since the 2013’s Boston Marathon tragedy and community felt more important than ever before.

We pitched the idea of an organized event, coupled with a live broadcast, to unite the runners, the supporters and those who were unable to attend the event.

We called it the “6 Mile Moment”.

We partnered with the FDR and the Town of Framingham and organized what has now become an annual event in the downtown. We coordinate the live music, the live interviews with key town officials, business people and residents. And we produce a 6 camera live broadcast of the event online.

The event’s inaugural year saw a larger turnout than the downtown had ever seen and the live stream was viewed by hundreds.

In its second year we grew the event to include social media and content marketing leading up to and following the event.

Hiring Production Partner MEDIABOSS

Branded Content for LTFS

FujiFilm, IBM, BDT and Quantum contracted us to produce an engaging web series as a selling tool for Linear Tape File System (LTFS).

After a creative meeting with the team, we got to work. Their target audience were Millennials.

We developed a younger protagonist, surprisingly well versed in a Tape technology. We wrote short, informative but engaging scripts involving two and three actors.

The series proved to be a successful sales tool by the LTFS consortium.

Here are two of our favorite episodes: The Interview and The New Client.

Beer Brothers

There’s just one thing our Creative Director loves more than producing and directing video. And that’s beer.

Imagine his delight when, in 2011, the brew masters of Jack’s Abby opened their award-winning brewery next door to our studio?

Their craftsmanship and obsession with producing the highest quality lager was – and still is – inspiring. But more people needed to know about it, first.

We launched the series, Beer Brothers, and interviewed master brewer, Jack, about his lagers. We kept the episodes short and informative, but informal and engaging.

The series was not Jack’s Abby-centric – we interviewed other local brewers as well. But the Hendler brothers lagers were viewed by a wider audience. And they were immensely happy with the number of people who came to their brewery and mentioned they had seen their videos first.