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One of the services we offer to clients is social media strategy and implementation. This means I manage a multitude of Twitter handles every day, all day. The scheduling function that many twitter clients offer is ok, but not ideal for someone who really needs a one-step process to streamline their Twitter work flow. Bufferapp works as a bookmarking function and allows you to pre-determine a schedule to send out your tweets. Sign up and choose the times you’d like your tweets to go out from the drop down menus (the free plan allows for 10 scheduled tweets a day). Download the plugin to your browser (its compatible with the major ones) and start surfing the web. Once you come across an article you think would be great to tweet, click on the icon, select the twitter account you’d like to tweet from and voila! Click on the ‘Add to Buffer’ button and you’re on your way. Bufferapp also included analytic information for each tweet, showing CTR, RTs, Favorites and Mentions.


I’m certainly not the first, nor am I the only person to champion this little app, but I’m going to do it anyway. I discovered Evernote in 2009 thanks to the advice of a tech trendy co-worker. I use Evernote for everything. I have the desktop application, the iPhone app and the iPad app. My notebooks sync across the three devices, meaning I can begin writing a blog post draft on my computer and pick it up at home from my iPad. I use the snapshot function on my iPhone after our big Monday meetings and I can reference that picture from my desktop once I’m buckled down at my desk and every note, picture, list etc. I create is easily findable thanks to Evernote’s search capabilities. There are some bugs to it; the syncing function between the computer application and the mobile device apps isn’t fool proof and formatting can be a b**** on the iPad. But when all is said and done, Evernote helps me be 50% more productive and organized. Oh, and you can easily share your notes with team members, friends or family via social media or email. There is also an arsenal of Evernote compatible apps to help make your experience better.


I was skeptical of GoogleDocs when it first became available. The “cloud” seemed scary to me somehow. “What do you mean my files just live on the internet? What does that mean?!” I laugh at my naive hangups now. I deleted Microsoft Word from my computer two years ago and haven’t looked back. GoogleDocs not only allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations; it gives you a seemingly unlimited number of templates from editorial calendars to To Do lists from which to choose and everything is easily shared with anyone on the internet. All you need to do is click the ‘Share’ button and enter the person’s email address. Then they can view the document and/or collaborate with you on the document if you give them permission. I use GoogleDocs to keep track of projects with clients, keep my internal team on the same scheduling page and to track business expenses.

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Dropbox may not be the best cloud solution, but it is the best file sharing solution for our company. Our business is content creation. Because everything we produce for our clients is HD and broadcast ready the files we deliver can get quite large, larger than services like YouSendIt can handle. Once upon a time we did use our FTP site, but time is a precious commodity and explaining how to login and download from an FTP site to a non-tech savvy individual is downright time consuming and frustrating for both parties. Dropbox allows us to upload a piece of content to a shared folder and our work is done. Amazing. Dropbox lets you invite people to share folders with and emails them with a link to that folder. They will need to download dropbox, but it’s completely free. We also use Dropbox like an internal server. We subscribe to their Team Package which gives us 1TB of storage and 5 user accounts. We use the 1TB to share internal assets with one another, like client logos or other clients assets. It takes the running around and searching for the person with the right asset out of the equation. And my favorite part of Dropbox is that it synchs across my mobile devices. As long as I have a wireless signal I can share videos from my dropbox with clients when I’m out on a shoot or at a pitch meeting and likewise, I can view and approve my co-workers’ work remotely.



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